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Essential Oils and Blends

Essential oils kill bacteria and viruses. Essential oils can penetrate the cell membrane to kill the threat inside the cell, without harming the cell or the cell membrane.

Essential oils restore the cell from the inside out and the body can never become immune to these oils.

Antibiotics cannot penetrate the cell membrane and has to kill the entire cell with the threat. Over time the body becomes immune to antibiotics and it becomes ineffective.

The molecular weight of essential oils are small enough to penetrate human skin, enter through, for example, the lung alveolar cells, pass through the blood brain barrier, pass through cell walls, even act as chemical messengers with cellular intelligence at the level of DNA.

Essential oils are said to align frequencies, thus balancing and harmonizing body organs.

In 2 seconds the scent molecules travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain impacting the amygdala (emotional centre) already.

In 2 minutes the oils will be absorbed into the blood stream, either through the lungs or through the skin and start travelling throughout the body.

In 20 minutes the oils have travelled in the blood stream throughout the entire body, affecting every cell.

Regular oils blends have a 3% essential oil to a 97% carrier oil ratio. Our Lady Rose oil blends have a 40% essential oil to 60% carrier oil ratio. This makes our blends much more concentrated than other blends.