About Lady Rose


Magazine and Ministry: Through the pages of the magazine, we want to impart restoration in the identity of women. We teach women the truth of the Word and empower them to be an influence for the Kingdom of God. We minister across nations at women’s conferences and we also host our own conferences. Our heart’s desire is to bring inspiration to women straight from the Word of God. Lady Rose Ministry falls under the umbrella of Barach Tamid International Ministries.


Beauty from the inside out. We want to make an impact in the media to teach women that their identity is not on the outside, but on the inside. We aim to bring a fresh view to the media and the influence it has on women. Currently, the media’s focus is to make women aware of their physical beauty; we want to make women aware of their inner beauty and their purpose in Christ.


Proverbs 31:10-31:  “An excellent woman [one who is spiritual, capable, intelligent, and virtuous], who is he who can find her? Her value is more precious than jewels and her worth is far above rubies or pearls.”

A woman’s value is found in the Truth of the Word and the Heart of the Father. It is Linda’s desire to lead women into that intimate place with Abba to enable them to receive their healing from the Hands of a loving God and find their destinies in Him.


THE MEDIA: The mandate God gave Lady Rose is to impact the media and the beauty industry. These are two powerful industries that satan has defiled with his plans and schemes. The media has a very powerful influence across the globe and satan took hold of it. Satan uses the media and produces false images on what a marriage should look like. This promotes beauty in a false sense, and brings many other negative influences into our homes. God gave us, as Lady Rose, a mandate to take back the media and beauty industry for Him and use it for His Glory. We as the body of Christ should not shy away from taking back what the enemy has stolen. Everything in this World belongs to Abba! He created it! Therefore, He deserves to have dominion through us in high places. Through mass media we can impart the truth of the Word to billions of lives across the world. Taking back ground and territory piece by piece and area by area.


To be whole and function to your full potential you need to be well in all three areas of your being.

Body: What we consume through our skins is equally as important as what we consume through our mouths.  Our physical health cultivates certain emotions and thoughts which cause a reaction in our soul dimension.  A lot of the beauty and health products out there contain ingredients which are harmful to our bodies. By offering 100% pure essential oils, skincare and fragrances, with no harmful ingredients, we strengthen the immune system to better fight illness and disease.

Soul:  What we see (read & watch) and hear (listen to) has a great influence on how we think about things. Our thought patterns and emotions have a great influence on our physical and spiritual wellbeing. By teaching the truth about God’s ways and walking in His light, identity, family values and relationships are strengthened; we restore hope through real life testimonies, cultivate positive thought patterns and share prophetic teaching.

Spirit: Spiritual distance/lack of intimacy leads to certain emotions and thoughts in the soul dimension which can be the root cause OF a wide range of infirmities. Our aim is restoration by creating a platform to receive inner healing and experience spiritual growth.


Lady Rose consists of two entities:  The Business and the Ministry.  We need the business to financially support the ministry so we can continue to distribute our magazine and bring the Word of God to households in South Africa and other parts of the world. By becoming a Lady Rose Agent, you except and embrace our mandate and support us in growing our business and spread the fragrance of the gospel. By investing in our products, you support the ministry and become part of the rose spreading the fragrance of God.


If you would like to take hands with us and expand the Kingdom of God you can contact us at Lradmin@ladyrose.co.za and we will gladly assist you with all the details.

Our Awards

‘Best in women’s skincare products.”

– SA Prestige Awards 2020

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