Manifestation of the Kingdom of God

Sep 4, 2019 | Lady Rose Devotionals

Manifestation of the Kingdom of God – revealed through His sons and daughters.

We are approaching the new year on ABBA Father’s calendar and time. 29 September we will enter into the new year 5780 – 2020 on our calendar.

1 Chronicles 12:32
” of the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do,…”

This scripture tells us that it is good to have understanding of the time and seasons of God.

There is a word that has been growing in my Spirit over the last few months, and this morning Holy Spirit led me to release that word

Holy spirit showed me that this is the year of the manifestation of the Kingdom of God through the sons.

Romans 8:19 (TPT)
The entire universe is standing on tiptoe,[a] yearning to see the unveiling of God’s glorious[b] sons and daughters!

The whole of creation has been groaning and waiting for this moment in time, where God is going to reveal the mature sons and daughters. Those He has been preparing for a season in secret.

There is a transition taking place from a Saul generation and leaders to a David generation and leaders that will manifest HIS kingdom and carry HIS heart.

In the word David was anointed in the wilderness, he killed the bear, lion and goliath in the wilderness.

There is a generation (young and old) that has been anointed in the wilderness, they overcame in the wilderness and they were trained in the wilderness and will now be revealed.

The Lord Jesus showed me that the ones that He has been preparing for a season were in this wilderness season of training, equipping, being sanctified and set apart and their characters were being formed within the fire of God to be able to handle and carry what He is about to release. They are an uncompromising generation and they have been chosen by God Himself. Just like David was not accepted by man because of his physical looks, in the same way, this company of David’s are the nameless and the faceless ones, not chosen by man but by God Himself.

1 Samuel 16 “The Lord said to Samuel, “How long will you grieve over Saul, since I have rejected him from being king over Israel? Fill your horn with oil, and go. I will send you to Jesse the Bethlehemite, for I have provided for myself a king among his sons.”

Abba has been preparing this generation of David’s for the last 10 years.

He showed me that in the year 5770 – 2010 He anointed His David’s company in the “wilderness”.

“Hebrew year 5770 is likely a milestone in the end of this age and the transition to the next. The number of the Hebrew year 5770 is pregnant with great meaning. We are living in the times that the Earth is coming into a new comprehension of holiness in the physical realm.”

10 years ago, in the year 2010, a David generation was impregnated with the seed of the Kingdom of God. For 10 years this generation was in the wilderness wherein they were trained and equipped and made holy for such a time as this.

Just like David was chosen by God and anointed by Samuel while tending his sheep, ABBA anointed and chose a generation of David’s for Himself. David did not become king immediately but he was anointed to become king and then went through a season of preparation, training, and persecution through Saul. Saul knew in his heart that David was a threat to his throne. He also knew that David had something that he had lost because of his disobedience – David had the presence of God on him. That is why Saul wanted to kill David. The presence of God left Saul and he still remained king for 20 years, fighting in his own strength and misleading the people. The people did not realise that the presence of God had left Saul. For how long have the people of God in our day and age been following people who have lost the anointing? They are walking in the gifts without the anointing. Children of God have been placing men and women on pedestals and these men and women have been misleading the people of God. They have been walking in their own strength without the anointing and because of a lack of discernment the people followed blindly. All of these things are about to be revealed by the hand of God.

Now is the time where the Davids will step forth and manifest the Kingdom of God, on earth as it is in heaven.
In the wilderness this generation killed bears and lions (health issues, financial lack, rebellious children, broken marriages); They slayed giants and were persecuted and suppressed by Saul (jealousy, misunderstood etc). But all of this was allowed for their training and equipping. All of this strengthened their characters and in the wilderness they overcame and overpowered these attacks and strongholds, in the wilderness God made them whole.

Meaning of whole: entire of, inside and out.

This company of Davids are a set apart people who strive for holiness. They are not looking for fame and glory but are humbly desiring for the manifestation of the Kingdom of God, on earth as it is in heaven.

David brought the ark of the covenant back home after Saul lost it.
1 Chronicles 13″ Let us bring the ark of our God back to us, for we did not inquire of[a] it[b] during the reign of Saul.” 4 The whole assembly agreed to do this, because it seemed right to all the people.”

The ark of the covenant represents the presence of God, the Holy one, the King of kings, Lord of lords, our Creator, the one who gave His life and the only one who can save us.

Saul lost it because of disobedience and pride. David redeemed it because of his humble and repentant heart.

The current David company will bring restoration, healing and deliverance within the body of Christ. They will carry the presence of God on their lives, signs, wonders and miracles will follow them, they will manifest His power and glory. They are a company of people that have died to self in the wilderness and are not seeking fame and glory, their only desire is to please Abba Father. John 5:19 – they will only do as they see Him do and only say what He is saying. They carry the heart of the Father inside of them.

The Sauls of this time had a season to repent and seek the heart of God so that He could restore them, but the pride of their hearts blinded them. These ones will be exposed for their true hearts’ condition now in this time.

We are in a transitioning period. If your heart is filled with pride, REPENT and turn around, the blood of Jesus is enough! Abba will restore you. But if your pride has blinded you and hardened your heart you will fall onto your own sword – 1 Samuel 31:4.

29/30 September 5780 there will be a significant shift. Those who have been prepared for the last 10 years – young and old – will enter into a new era and they will be the ones that will restore the ark of the covenant (presence of God) and rebuild the temple (restore the foundations of the church and unity within the body). They will manifest His Kingdom and lead the people of God into a season of victory. They are the ones that will usher in the end time harvest and prepare the way for our King to return.

John 1:23 – John cried in the wilderness to prepare the way for our King.

This David company cried in the wilderness for a season and now is the time for the baptism of fire, the outpouring of His spirit. The new wine and new oil will be poured out onto all flesh but only the vessels of honour who have allowed the Spirit of God to strip them and prepare them and make them whole, will be able to contain and carry what He is about to do.

Prepare your hearts – the kingdom of God is at hand – Matthew 3:2.

Linda Chuter – Lady Rose