Ultra Nourishing Anti-Aging Facial Day Cream


What is in a name?

Anti-Aging Ultra Nourishing says it all – we have formulated this product range to protect against the effect of free radicals and to offer you all the health and beauty that nature can offer in one drop.  Our Anti-Aging Ultra Nourishing Facial Cream will leave your skin deeply nourished and hydrated.  Pri Pear Prickly Pear Seed Oil is generously added to our formula to treat your skin with vitamins, good-for-you fatty acids, protein and antioxidants.  Combine this with hormone balancing essential oils such as Rose Geranium and Clary Sage and you have a beauty product that not only does wonders to your skin but also cares for your overall women health.

All-in-one solution

  • PriPear Prickly Pear Seed Oil minimize broken capillaries
  • Rosehip Oil create new skin cells
  • Aloe Infused Oil bind moisture; increase collagen
  • Rose Geranium Oil (Hormone Balancing) balance skin’s natural oil production
  • Clary Sage Oil (Hormone Balancing) reduce skin inflammation; heal epidermis
  • Vitamin E, F, K Enriched


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The human body is dependent on hormones for a healthy endocrine system. Endocrine glands distributed throughout the body, produce the hormones that act as signalling molecules after release into the circulatory system. Hormones act in extremely small amounts, and minor disruptions in those levels may cause significant developmental and biological effects. The endocrine system controls many biological processes like normal growth, fertility, and reproduction. Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are natural or human made chemicals that may mimic, block or interfere with the body’s hormones. These chemicals (endocrine disruptors) are associated with a wide array of health issues and are found in many everyday products, including some cosmetics. EDCs cannot be completely avoided or removed; however, you can make informed choices to reduce exposure and risk of any potential health effects. Our new Anti-Aging Ultra Nourishing Beauty Product Range is carefully formulated to include “hormone friendly” essential oils to rather support than interrupt the endocrine system.

We bring you the goodness and beauty of nature in one drop –

Vit E - Strengthens skin barrier. Powerful antioxidant. Hyperpigmentation treatment. Increases your resistance to sun overexposure. Acne scarring. Cell turnover & regeneration. Moisturizing for dry skin

Vit F - Aids in moisturizing your skin, which may help with acne, dryness and wrinkles. The fatty acids can maintain a skin barrier, which can help with conditions such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

Vit K - Applied topically, it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, counteracting both inflammation and free radicals (both of which promote aging). Studies have shown it to protect skin against environmental aggressors and help with inflammation.

PriPear Prickly Pear Seed Oil - With help from vitamin K, prickly pear seed oil works to minimize broken capillaries, brighten the skin, and lighten dark circles. The sustainable ingredient also acts as a defense against hyperpigmentation, and the replenishing properties leave skin soft and smooth.

Rosehip Oil - Rosehip oil contains carotenoids, which help keep your skin fresh and healthy by creating new skin cells. Rosehip oil also contains vitamin F, which helps trap moisture in your skin and protect your skin against damage.

Aloe Infused Oil - Mucopolysaccharides in aloe vera hold and bind moisture in your skin. The topical use of aloe vera-based wellness essential oil improves the integrity of sensitive and dry skins. It also increases collagen and elastin fibre production, revitalizing your skin and making you look younger.

Rose Geranium Essential Oil - Rose Geranium is reputed to balance the skin's natural oil production, minimize the appearance of enlarged pores, eliminate infectioncausing or acne-causing bacteria, enhance circulation, reduce the appearance of varicose veins, cellulite, and dull skin. Geranium addresses many female hormone issues by balancing estrogen and progesterone deficiency.

Clary Sage Essential Oil - Clary Sage essential oil contains an ester called linalyl acetate. Essentially, this powerful compound works to reduce skin inflammation, heal the epidermis and soothe skin. Cistus oil and Petitgrain oil are also highly soothing, helping to calm an irritated complexion. Clary sage is a versatile oil that may regulate hormones and is well known in supporting overall female health.

How to Use:

Morning and Evenings – Cleanse with Facial Wash Cream and follow up with Rosewater Toner

Mornings: Apply Ultra Nourishing Anti-Aging Facial Cream to face and neck.  Follow up with Miracle Eye Serum.

Evenings: Apply Ultra Nourishing Anti-Aging Facial Oil to face and neck.  Follow up with Miracle Eye Serum.



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