Pure Sliver 50ml

This musky perfume is a harmonious scent with warm notes of myrrh. PURE is a soft oriental perfume which is prophetically inspired and designed. The words of Psalm 12:6 is reflected in the purifying properties of the myrrh essential oil which it contains. When applying this fragrance, one proclaims the words of this scripture over your life.


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Weight .199 kg

Psalm 12: 6
The words and promises of the LORD are pure words, like silver refined in an earthen furnace, purified seven times.

Pure - Silver represents the purification and the sanctification of the Bride of Christ.  By wearing this, you declare that you are being set apart as the Bride of Christ, for purification and sanctification.  Esther went through a time of preparation to meet the king.  In the same way, God sets us apart as His Bride to be purified.  The prophetic essential oils are the same as those Esther used!

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