Cinderella to Queen

Esther 2:17 – “The King loved Esther more than all the other women, and she obtained grace and favour in his sight more than all the virgins; so he set a royal crown upon her head and made her Queen…”

A few years ago God placed the desire in my heart to have my own magazine. I shared it with a friend at that time, not really thinking much of it. The desire grew and I started receiving prophetic word from prophets, not knowing the desire I carried in my Spirit. One of them said that God is going to give me an influence in the media in a new way. Here we are today, at the start of a great new journey. I want to share with you all, the seven year build up and prayer leading to this day.

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God took me on a journey for seven years after releasing this desire to me. He first had to take me through the process of purification and finding my identity in Him before He could release me to impart it to other women, through the pages of a magazine or any other way of influence He decided to use me for.

It wasn’t an easy journey, but today I can say it was most certainly worth it! I look at women across nations and I see the hurt, rejection and utter brokenness 99% of women carry in secret. I see women searching for who they are in diets, latest fashion or friends. I see women who have been abused physically and emotionally. I see women destroying their bodies because they want to be thin and beautiful to the extent withwhich the world portrays beauty. Most of all, I see women crying on the inside because they feel lost and broken. All of these and many more are the ones God wants to use, but Satan is keeping them bound in all these things. They wear masks on the outside but inside they are broken. When I look at women God opens up their hearts to me. I don’t see the outside but the inside. Over the years that is what Abba taught me. He is not concerned about how you look, or whether you wear the most expensive makeup or clothes. He is interested in what is behind all these things. He is interested in your HEART. He is interested in a relationship with you, where the real you will be exposed. He wants to use you, but you first have to find yourself in Him.

In my journey God started revealing His heart to me, concerning my calling and place, and where He wants to use me as a vessel in His Kingdom. My mom-in-law, Isabel and I were driving in the car on two different occasions;the first one was on our way back from cell group. As I looked up I saw a perfect high heel shoe in the clouds. I was amazed that the clouds could form such a perfect image. It wasn’t a case of-I thought it was a high heel shoe. I know it was a high heel shoe. The second time we were also driving in the car and we saw the same perfectly formed high heel shoe in the clouds. I think God allowed Isabel to be with me at both times so that I wouldn’t think that I imagined it all. He made sure that there was a witness with me. Don’t you just Love Him! He knows us better than we know ourselves.

I knew God wanted to tell me something. One afternoon, after seeing these images in the clouds, I went to lie on my bed to rest. As I laid my head down on the pillow I heard God’s voice so loud in my Spirit, He said, “It is time for the Cinderellas whom have been pushed aside and who are hiding in the back, to step out and take their place”.

Then I realised that this is what He showed me in the clouds, and that it had to be shown in the clouds because the Cinderella’s need to rise up, look up and take their place. At that time I wasn’t in my place yet, so God started working with me first. I was insecure and broken inside. I was searching and sometimes in the wrong places.

Not knowing what God was busy with, I started walking the journey to healing and finding my place and identity in Him.

I can’t go into all the details of my journey but will share it as the Spirit leads. I had many ups and downs. Made mistakes and got hurt, even hurting others. But in the end Romans 8:28 became such a reality in my life, God used all this for His good and His Glory and divine purpose.

I wanted to get from Cinderella to Queen. It is the same story as Esther in the Word. Personally I think that is where they got the idea.

In both stories they were orphans who found favour with the king. Their positions shifted from Orphans to Queens and from Slaves to Rulers, with authority. Esther saved a nation. The life of Esther was preordained by God. Everything counted against her becoming Queen, but she found favour in the sight of man and God, and was positioned as Queen.

God’s heart is for His people, and He just needs one to save a nation, to save His people. He gave His Son Jesus Christ to save the world, and Jesus gave us authority to rule on earth. Why are you still hiding and allowing the world and people to push you down? Rise up and take your place-Mighty women of God.

God took me through purification and in my walk, I have learnt to just follow and obey Him. He gave me many instructions which I didn’t understand at the time. But looking back I can see the whole picture, and how He orchestrated my life to the point of releasing my ministry with women and this magazine.

We went through the test where Abba asked my family and me if we were willing to give up everything for Him. We gave up our home and gave away all our stuff; I call it stuff because to me today, it is the value of earthly riches and things. It is just stuff, and it does not define who I am. We blessed three families with all our furniture. We sold our bigger stuff like caravans and motorbikes and used that money in God’s Kingdom. We moved with our three children into a small furnished apartment. The kiddies shared a room, and it was there that we had the most amazing eighteen months, where Abba worked on our characters, preparing us for what He wants to do through us. We allowed Abba to strip us, physically and spiritually of ALL things that didn’t glorify Him. It wasn’t easy, but going through that purification fire was so worth it. I want to encourage you go through the fire. The end result is entering into His glory and divine purpose. I remember one morning sitting on my bed, having quiet time with the Lord, I was crying and felt that I couldn’t go any further; His words to me were that I am the bluest part of the flame of His fire. It is the hottest part of a fire and He said to me, “Just don’t get out, go through” that is where my new book “Purified Seven Times Over” was born. Our lives are an example of purification; A Bride sanctified and set apart for His Glory.

During the eighteen month period, I stood in front of the mirror one morning and Abba told me to stop using all my beauty products. This was one of the times where I didn’t understand and just obeyed. I used expensive stuff at that time. I gave it all to a friend of mine and stopped using it. That night Abba gave me a mix of essential oils in a dream, and one of the ingredients was Myrrh. I mixed it and used that. I tried sharing this with friends, but just like I didn’t understand, they also didn’t and thought that I was just doing things.  Nevertheless, I want to encourage you to just obey Him! The word of God says, “Those who walk according to the flesh find the things of the spirit as foolishness”. It seemed foolish to the flesh but God had a plan… In that time the Holy Spirit started teaching me about false beauty and the way the world portrays beauty. He showed me what real beauty is, which you will find in the pages of this magazine. It truly is what is on the inside that counts in Abba’s eyes, not the outside. Getting back to the oil I mixed, a few months later I stood in front of the mirror again, still just using the oil and mixturethe Holy Spirit gave me, and I heard Abba’s voice saying it is complete, and He released me to use other products again.

A few weeks after Abba told me that it is complete, I received prophetic word concerning Esther, and how she had to go through physical preparation to meet the king, and one of the oils that was used in her preparation time was Myrrh. The prophet told me that he sawthat I went through a six month preparation, just like Esther, with Myrrh and that the Lord is saying it is now time to prepare to “enter in”. He also said that God is going to send me seven ladies to whom I must impart what I received. God did send them. I didn’t choose them, and they are all part of this magazine. I was absolutely stunned at that time. It was someone who didn’t know me and when I counted the months, from the day Abba told me to do it to the day He said it was complete, it was six months. I didn’t realise it at that time, I just obeyed. I then realised that physically He took me through the same process. What if I hadn’t obeyed and thought that it was my own imagination? Or listened to the opinion of people and friends, I would have missed the whole process and I would not have been able to share this experience and the magazine with you. I want to encourage you to obey blindly and follow Him. I call it “blind obedience”, because He will give instructions and just enough light for the next step, but when you look back, you will see that your obedience opened up a road for others to walk on.

For the next six months, Abba started preparing me to “enter in”. We need to understand that He is a Holy God. To Abide in His presence in the secret place will cost your fleshly desires to be crucified and nailed to the cross. You can’t abide in the secret place (His presence) and in the world at the same time. To abide means to dwell and to live. The Word of God says that you cannot serve two masters. Matthew 6:24 – “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other”. You cannot serve both God and money (world). You have to be completely surrendered to the one you choose to serve.

I had to completely give up all the things that I have placed before Him, even friends. But in your giving up He gives more back to you, in due season, than what you had to give up. He is a jealous God, and He wants ALL of us, not just a part. The reward of living a life completely surrendered to Him is immense. No words can describe the peace and abundance I find in Him. I want to encourage you to search for Him, with all your hearts and I promise you HE will meet you there and lead you into that secret place of abiding with Him (Psalm 91).

During the next six months I had an encounter in the Spirit. We were busy in praise and worship at one of our meetings, I was caught up in the Spirit and had a vision where the Lord crowned me and gave me a sceptre. He positioned me as Queen to rule on earth, and to bring His Glory down into the lives of His Bride. This is available to all who are willing to completely surrender unto Him. In this instance the process of Orphan to Queen, Cinderella to Queen was completed and I had to now start living it and imparting it. This may sound strange to some, but as you journey with us through the pages of this magazine, you will start to understand that the things of this world are foolish to us and our desire for you is that the things of His Kingdom will become reality in your life. We want to help you find your identity and position in Him.

Rise up women of God and take your place, so that the gates of hell cannot prevail against the children of God. Heneeds you to take your position, He longs for you to have an intimate relationship with Him, where He can impart His heart into yours, and you can live it out on earth. He needs you to heal the sick and save the lost. His heart is longing for His daughters to take their position of authority and rule over the earth. God is not going to use the big names in ministry out there to bring revival. He is going to use the Cinderellas of this day to step up and through that, no man will get the glory, the world and the lost will glorify the King of Kings,Jesus Christ in and through you. God is looking for people who will be willing to surrender themselves completely to Him, and if you are reading this and your heart is stirred it is YOU. Don’t think that He can’t use you because your life is not perfect, nor was mine when He started with me and chose me. I was made perfect in Him and I haven’t arrived yet but my heart is willing. All you need is a willing heart!

Linda Chuter – Lady Rose Gift from God

Why a Rose Theme Magazine

A rose prophetically means “Gift  from God.” Jesus was  the Rose of Sharon. The perfect Gift from God to us was His Son Jesus Christ.

Why I chose the rose…

After I had  my firstborn son Justin, I desperately longed to have a little girl. After 3 years  and a miscarriage I eventually fell pregnant with my long awaited little girl.

I struggled to fall pregnant after our  first born Justin, whom was   an absolute gift  to  us   out of   God’s Hand.  He  was preordained by God for us.

The night before I discovered I was pregnant again, my mom in law Isabel had a dream. She dreamed that I had a baby girl and I named her  “Rose”. I looked up the prophetic meaning of Rose and it was “Gift from God.”

Kirsten was born 9 months later. I fell pregnant again 3 years after that, before I knew that I was pregnant I dreamed that I redecorated Kirsten’s room and I bought two  pink roses to put in her  room. When I woke up I knew that  I was pregnant again with  another girl. Nine months after that  Mikayla was born.

The greatest gift Abba Father can give us  is our children, whom are an absolute “Gift from God.”

Through this the name “Lady Rose” was born. Gift from God to myself and my two daughters.

My heart’s desire is that this gift in the form of this magazine will  touch and change and bring healing to many women and girls out there.

Linda Chuter

Lady Rose – Gift from God